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There are many tasks involved in underground sewer repair ranging from simple drain cleaning to complex excavations. No matter what the problem is, we’ll provide a speedy diagnosis and provide the appropriate solution. Tyrone’s Drain Cleaning is proud to offer sewer line unclogging in Saskatoon.

What may often look like a minor issue may lead to a major problem if there are clogged drains and broken pipes. Whether the drain is clogged due to accumulation of hair, soap, dirt, food particles or due to a lack of maintenance over the years, there is a high chance it could disrupt your day-to-day life. Sewer line clogging may also happen due to corrosion and flooding, which may result in expensive repairs. Rely on us for quick and assured solutions when it comes to sewer line unclogging services in Saskatoon.

At first, we try to examine and look for the potential cause of the problem. Once we identify it, we provide suitable solutions that respect your property.

We are proud to offer solutions using video inspection methods. This not only gives us a clear picture of the problem but also helps us to extend our services effectively.

Video Sewer Inspection

Video inspection of main lines is one of our primary methods of detecting sewage problems. Not only does it show you exactly what's going on, but it's one of the most cost-effective ways to diagnose the issue. Eighty percent of the time, roots from trees have infiltrated sewer lines for moisture. Our experienced technician will auger out the roots, stopping and preventing further drain blockages.

You can trust us to give you high-quality sewer camera inspection services. We are the experts you need when it comes to drain cleaning services.

You do not want to be worried about clogged drains every now and then. Know how to prevent sewer line clogs by following these preventative methods.

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