Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Plumbing Maintenance in Saskatoon

As much as people don’t want to be aware of their sewer main, they should be! Tree roots can find the smallest crack in your sewer pipe to find moisture and nutrients. Once one root gets in, it becomes an infestation. Sewer main backup can be very costly to a home owner. I have seen backups that have not been noticed for a week or two; all that waste backed up into their home. No one in the home notices until it is too late. The best way to deal with problems like clogged drains is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. At Tyrone’s Drain Cleaning we offer an extensive maintenance package to make sure that your drains and sewers are always clear. Book your cleaning and preventative services in spring or fall, which are the ideal seasons to get the preventative maintenance done.

Here’s what we offer in our preventative maintenance package:

  • HD Video Camera sewer line inspection

  • Investigation for displaced pipes, roots infestations, grease and debris buildup

  • Pipe and sewer line structural integrity inspection

  • Same-day root infestation removal

  • Inspection records including before and after videos

  • Contractor’s rate (call us for more info)

  • Senior’s 10 percent discount

  • And much more...

Our Preventative Maintenance Package

Step 1: Prepare the worksite with lying down of tarps and towel to keep your floors and surrounding areas clean.
Step 2: send down a HD video camera to help locate the blockage in the main sewer line.
Step 3: Choose the proper piece of equipment for the job. We use rigid tools to do the job properly (K-60 auger with 7/8th's cable and a 3 – 4 shark job cutter.)
Step 4: send down a HD video camera to show the finished job and quality of our drain cleaning. This is to ensure that no roots have been left behind.
Step 5: Always have a qualified professional do the job!

All draining cleaning is guaranteed for 3 months. Contact us today!

“I had the pleasure of meeting Tyrone in Aug 2015 & experienced his drain cleaning/ camera inspection services first hand at my Broadway area home in Saskatoon. Tyrone is professional, courteous & showed up on time exactly as promised! It was evident that he takes great pride in his work & the equipment was immaculate.”

-Landry K

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